Home Building Strategy

Congratulations on your interest in building your next home! Even if you are experienced in building or know exactly what builder you want to work with please take a moment to consider the proposition below.

Before I received my real estate license I had a number of family and friends build their houses. In every single case, what sounded like a simple thing turned into delays, miscommunication, and aggravation. Often to the point that the home owner would not recommend the builder to their friends.

Now, I’m not saying that all new builds are destined to work out this way, but why not have someone on your side? Someone who’s interest is not in lining the builders pockets? Or, at a minimum, someone that will help you along the way with communication and coordination of the various pieces involved in any move?

What I would like to recommend is the following strategy.

First, we sign a buyer representation agreement that covers either a new build or purchase of an existing home. This provides you representation and assistance with your new home.

Then, we line up meetings with the builders of interest. I can arrange these for you, or you can but you will need to let them know that you are working with an agent.

Once you’ve picked your builder and a plan I’ll work with you throughout the build on anything that I can.

So, at this point you may be asking… “But can’t I negotiate a discount if I don’t work with a real estate agent?”. And, in some (very limited) cases you may be right. If your interest is simply saving the money, and you have no interest in assistance along the way… once we have a price from the builder, if they will knock off 3% of the price and you don’t want any help I will terminate your contract at no charge to you, and wish you luck along the way.

If they won’t reduce the price by 3% then you now have representation, and someone to help you along the way instead of what you would have had if you went in without an agent… no representation and a price that puts an extra 3% in the builders pocket.

Now that you have representation I’m willing to offer your two more options…

1) I work hands on with you through the entire process and the builder pays the normal commission to my broker.
2) You do almost all the work only asking for assistance where you need it and I split my portion of the commission (after all I have to pay taxes on it) with you after my broker takes their cut.

In every situation it works out in your favor either in having someone on your side, or saving a few bucks. But it all starts with having someone on your side before meeting with any builder.

Contact me today so I can help you build the home of your dreams!