It all started with a sign… complaint

Late last year I was enjoying the best sales year of my career thanks in part to some of the best clients I’ve ever had. That success led to a relationship with some amazing buyers that I helped snag their dream home in my own neighborhood who allowed me to put my sold sign in their yard after closing… which is when things got interesting…

For those who’ve followed my career you know I was a Keller Williams agent. That choice was made largely in part based on their willingness to let their agents advertise as they saw fit (Note: In the state of MI you have to work for a broker for at least 3 years). Then came a new 2017/18 state of Michigan law with very explicit rules around what was and was not allowed in an agents advertising – specifically signage.

… back to that sign in my buyer’s yard… a few weeks after closing I received a letter from our local real estate association that my sign was not in compliance. You see, my name was 1/16 of an inch larger than my broker’s name – which is an unforgivable sin, apparently.

As I stewed over the complaint on a trip to my parents an idea began to take hold. Faced with no other choice then to replace all of my signs (they are not cheap), I refreshed my memory and did some research on the requirements to get a broker’s license in Michigan. Thanks to my amazing clients in 2018 I found myself eligible to sit for the broker’s exam – and this time it was for keeps. Game on!

90 or so hours later I was ready sit for my broker exam, and passed!!! A few forms, signs, and many dollars later FreedomRE is now an independent entity ready to accept clients with the same world class service I’ve always provided (granted, it’s gotten much better as I’ve learned the ropes – apologies to past clients that endured my learning curve – professional photos anyone??).

Anyway, the point of this post is to say “thank you” to whoever the anonymous troll was with nothing better to do with their time than report an insanely minor infraction. Without your push over the edge who knows, maybe I would still be schlepping my old broker with my hard earned commissions.

As always, for those who have put their trust in me to get the job done, I am eternally grateful. For those looking to work with someone that will give them the attention and appreciation they deserve I welcome you. For anyone that refers me to their family member, friend, or co-worker I will never forget you, and promise you I will do everything in my power to get the results desired!

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