Kids Eat Free

Where can kids eat free in Lansing?

If you have kids you know how quick the bill can rack up when you go out. Why not save a few bucks with these deals?!

Day Deal(s)
Sunday IHOP (4-8)
BW3 – $1.99
Monday Buddies
Finley’s (4-10)
IHOP (4-8)
BW3 – $1.99 (if signed up for kids club)
Tuesday Finley’s (4-10)
Texas Roadhouse
Max & Ermas??
Bob Evans
IHOP (4-8)
Applebees – $1.99
BW3 – $1.99 (if signed up for kids club)
Wednesday BW3 – $1.99
IHOP (4-8)
Thursday IHOP (4-8)
Friday IHOP (4-8)
Saturday IHOP (4-8)

Disclaimer: These deals have a tendency to change so no guarantee can be made for their correctness. That said, if there’s an inaccuracy (even if you can confirm) please let me know and I’ll add, update, or delete as needed.

Also note that my experience has been that sometimes you need to remind your server of these deals 🙂