What it is: Hopefully this is obvious 🙂 but this is the stage where we write, negotiate, and hopefully get an accepted offer!

What to expect: The offer phase usually only lasts anywhere from a day to week depending on the sellers situation, and amount of interest they have in the property. Once I have the information for your initial offer, I will write it up and send it over to you to review and sign. Once you do that, I will send the offer to the listing agent who will discuss it with the seller. If they like it they will either “accept as written” or write a “counter offer”. If they reject your offer outright, we can still re-write another offer if you so choose.

Assuming we can come to a “meeting of the minds” we have an accepted offer, and it’s on to the inspection phase.

What you will need to do: When you find a property you want to make an offer on, please use the make an offer form. As with the showing request form, the make an offer form ensures I don’t miss anything and includes most of the details I need to write up your offer.

Next step (assuming our offer is accepted): Inspections

Note: Refer to emails or your Project Dashboard for details specific to your transaction