What it is: The closing stage is the final few days before and day of completing the sale of your property!

What to expect: Likely the buyer will request a final walk-through within 48 hours of the scheduled closing to make sure there were no last minute issues. For the actual closing appointment, this will usually take place at my primary title company (but I have had instances where we have closed separately or even remotely). Assuming you will be at closing, please schedule time off of work if needed. While it usually will only take 45 minutes to an hour I have had instances where it has taken much longer.

What you will need to do: If we have not already scheduled the closing, please let me know if there are any days/time that do NOT work for you. You will need to bring your drivers license, passport, marriage/death/divorce certificates as needed, or any other required documentation. In addition, please schedule time off work, or an appointment to remotely sign paperwork in front of a Notary Public and overnight the documents prior to closing day.

Next step (assuming all goes well): Receive your sale proceeds!

Note: Refer to emails or your Project Dashboard for details specific to your transaction