The Search

What it is: The search stage is where we actually start looking at properties! While this is the exciting part, please be sure to make sure you understand the getting started phase first!

What to expect: I will be setting up a search according to the information you’ve provided which will be delivered on a daily bases as properties match your criteria. Expect the initial list to be quite lengthy, but subsequent emails will have fewer results. As you find places you would like to see, please follow the link included in the emails to request a showing. Using the showing request link makes sure I have the information I need to sync up our schedules and so we can see what you want!

Please note that even if a property shows as “active”, “available”, or “for sale” in a search I send you or that you find off off Zillow,, etc it is possible that the home is under contract so we will need to pass on seeing that property to save everyone’s time.

What you will need to do: Please review the search results I send you on a consistent basis. I would hate to see you miss out on the house of your dreams because we weren’t quick enough. Also, as mentioned above, please use the showing request form for every property you want to see. Doing so makes sure the request gets into my workflow and does not get missed. Requesting by email, text, IM, or carrier pigeon is asking for the ball to get dropped.

Next step (assuming all goes well): Offer

Note: Refer to emails or your Project Dashboard for details specific to your transaction