What it is: The inspection stage is when the buyer will have any number of inspectors out to the property depending on the situation. These may be general property inspections, pest inspectors, and/or well and septic inspectors. Basically, the idea is to make sure the major components of the home are functioning as expected.

What to expect: As with showings I will ask that the inspections be requested via ShowingTime, but even more than with showings you should do everything in your power to make these work. Please be aware that general home inspections can take 2+ hours, radon will just be a drop off, and well/septic 20-30ish minutes so make sure to plan appropriately. There is also a time period (identified in the purchase agreement) for when these inspections need to be completed (usually 7-12 business days). After the inspection the buyer will discuss any issues with their agent and either request repairs, a credit to cover any needed repairs, or clear the inspection contingency. Please note that it is not uncommon to discover things that should be addressed, but generally these are only in the neighborhood of a couple hundred dollars.

What you will need to do: As with a showing you should not be present for the general home inspection. If there is a separate well/septic inspection you can generally be present, and a radon drop off/pick up does not require you to vacate. Please also note that I do not receive a copy of the inspection report, but in the case of any major requests I will ask for the pertinent parts of the report.

Next step (assuming all goes well): Appraisal (if bank financed) or Closing.

Note: Refer to emails or your Project Dashboard for details specific to your transaction