Central AC Maintenance

Scheduling a licensed HVAC contractor every spring for a thorough inspection & maintenance of your A/C system is a wise idea. A poorly maintained or inefficient A/C unit could be costing you huge amounts of money.

Start by trimming any plants, shrubs, or trees around the exterior A/C unit(s) if they are near or coming in contact with it. Then have a certified HVAC or other cooling specialist check the mechanical components of the system. Some of the things they should do in this annual service include, but are not limited to:

  • Inspecting condensation drains & thermostats
  • Checking the air temperature splits
  • Inspecting the compressor, motors, etc and lubricating where necessary
  • Checking all operations of your system are working at the highest efficiency
  • Checking and/or topping off refrigerant level(s)
  • Checking and/or replacing your air filter(s)
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