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Keeping it Real… Safe

I’m excited to be getting back to work, and helping to serve you!

As we begin to re-open the Michigan real estate market there are a few things I have to ask in order to keep everyone safe while following CDC, state, and association guidelines. These requests also apply to photos, pre-listing appointments, inspections, final walkthroughs, and any other appointment related to your real estate needs.

First and foremost: Please notify me if any person occupying or entering the property has been exposed to, diagnosed with, or quarantined as a result of COVID-19 or is experiencing fever, cough, shortness of breath or other cold or flu-like symptoms.

For home sellers or prospective home sellers:

  • Prior to and after any appointment or showing, please clean and disinfect all frequently touched surfaces such as doorknobs, handles, light switches, and countertops.
  • For all appointments, please unlock all doors, turn on lights/lamps, and open blinds to let light in and reduce surface contact.
  • For pre-listing walkthroughs, please open all interior doors.
  • For all new listings, please advise if you do not wish to allow in-person showings.
  • For any appointment that you must be present at the home, please remain on the opposite level of the home or exit the structure and maintain a 6 foot distance.
  • Please note that open houses are not allowed at this time.

For home buyers or prospective home buyers:

  • I will be providing a release form for every showing requested that must be signed prior to the showing taking place.
  • Please do not touch any surface or share items (pens, phones, tablets, etc) with others at the showing.
  • Please consider wearing gloves and a mask while viewing the home.
  • Please use hand sanitizer immediately prior to entering the home and upon exiting prior to getting into your car.

For everyone:
Please also note that there are restrictions in place on the number of people (4) that can be present in a home at one time, and those persons must maintain a 6 foot distance at all times. In addition, any conversation with a buyer or seller outside of a showing (where, by law, I must be present with the buyer) will not be conducted in-person. I have text messaging, email, IM, Zoom, phone, and more at my disposal for any needed conversation.

I appreciate your support and help to keep everyone safe.  

You or someone you know looking to buy or sell?

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