16 Tips for Selling Properties Faster and for More Money

Listen to the full episode here, but here are the main points – some commentary added 🙂

  1. Have a pre-listing inspection performed by a licensed home inspector.
  2. Clean up your home. – Please, please, please – you have no idea how often this is missed/skipped
  3. Does it pass the sniff test? – It better unless you want it to take longer to sell.
  4. Take great pictures of your house. – That’s why you hire a great agent – like me!
  5. Be available.
  6. Have your home ready for showings at all times. – You never know when or where your buyer will show up.
  7. Be informative.
  8. Use an agent. – At your service
  9. Ask your agent for selling advice.
  10. Price your house right. – You mean Zillow doesn’t know everything?
  11. List in peak market time. – If you can. If not, I wouldn’t consider this a deal breaker. Just be ready for it to potenially take longer.
  12. Double check your listing information.
  13. Stage those weird areas that don’t have an obvious use.
  14. Leave during your showings and make sure you take your pets with you. – So awkward when the seller sticks around. Get out! I would also add “take any valuables and medications” as well.
  15. Be prepared to walk away from an offer.
  16. Tell everyone you know that your house is for sale.
You or someone you know looking to buy or sell?

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