The Reluctant Investor’s Lament

I heard the poem entitled The Reluctant Investor’s Lament by Don Weill today on the Jason Hartman real estate podcast and found it both interesting and exciting as I have been getting stated in real estate investing and helping other investors. Hope you enjoy it too…

“I hesitate to make a list of all the countless deals I’ve missed;
Bonanzas that were in my grip – I watched them through my fingers slip;
The windfalls which I should have bought were lost because I overthought;
I though of this, I thought of that, I could have sworn I smelled a rat,
And while I thought things over twice, another grabbed them at the price.
It seems I always hesitate, then make my mind up much too late.
A very cautious man am I, and that is why I never buy.

When banks rose high on Shirley and Bay, the prices asked I felt dismay;
Whole blockfronts – bleak and black with soot – were priced at thirty bucks a foot!
I wouldn’t even make a bid, but others did – yes others did!
When Treasure Cay was deserted land, I would have had a heap of sand;
When Cable Beach was the place to buy, I thought the West was much too dry;
Invest in Winton – thats the spot, my sixth sense warned me I should not.
A very prudent man am I and that is why I never buy.

How Nassau and how Freeport grew! Abaco and Harbour Island too!
When others culled those sprawling fields, and with open arms did welcome deals –
A corner here, ten acres there, compounding values year by year,
I chose to think and as I thought, they bought the deals I should have bought.
The golden chances I had then, were lost and will not come again.
Today I cannot be enticed, for everything’s so overpriced!
The deals of yesteryear are dead, the market’s soft and so’s my head.

Last night I had a fearful dream, I know I wakened with a scream;
Harold Christie approached my bed, and with a smile he softly said –
For what seemed like an enormous sum, A private city could be done.
I said it was but swamp and bush, and in this deal I would not rush.
E.P. Taylor he then searched out, and Lyford Cay did come about.

At times a teardrop drowns my eye, For deals I had but did not buy.
And now life’s saddest words I pen – “If only I’d invested then!”


The Reluctant Investor’s Lament.

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