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The Difference is in the Details

Today I happened to be browsing the MLS, like I do on a nearly daily basis, and came across a home listed for more than $700,000! “Wow!” I thought. “I need to check this place out”. So I clicked through to take a look. The first picture was beautiful. Obviously not taken recently – given the lush green grass and all 🙂 Then I clicked through to the next and was greeted with a blurry mess. “Surely this can’t be right” I figured and moved on to the next. A few in, there’s one with the camera flash reflecting back off the window. As I moved on almost half of the photos were grainy or blurry. And this was on a $700,000+ house!

Ok I thought. The agent must be a newbie or a discounter. That would explain not being able to afford or being willing to have a professional photographer do the images, right? Wrong again. I won’t name names, but let’s just say this agent has more than the means to have the photos done right 😉

So, why am I writing about this? Because I truly believe that the details make all the difference. Once I got over the hump in getting my RE practice humming I hired a professional photographer for the first time, and let me just say they are worth their weight in gold! Now, every client that lists with me gets professional photos (apologies to my clients when I was just starting out).

So, when it comes time to list your home you can either hire the agent that takes the photos themselves or has their “assistant” do it, or someone – like me! 🙂 – that will see to it that the details are tended to weather your house lists for $100k or $700k+.

You or someone you know looking to buy or sell?

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